Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hidden Hamilton - now on Facebook

Now I get it!

For weeks I have been bothered that so many snippets of fascinating information pop up in the course of research for my blog, but don’t make it into a post. Sometimes it’s after a post is written, and I don’t get to going back and adding it as an update. Other times, a little gem arises out of a discussion on the Lost Newcastle Facebook Group. If I don’t capture it then and there, it languishes and disappears.

So what’s the answer? Hidden Hamilton on Facebook!

I can also let you know about stories I am working on, and you might have a contact for me. So here we go, and I am depending on you to give me feedback. Not just on the items I post on Facebook, but also if there is something else I can be doing to make the Facebook site work better – please get in touch.

You can comment on the site, send me an email at or a PM at

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